"Morris and Bowers'

canvases indicate that freshness is still possible in a culture exhausted by all sorts of visual bombardment."
Dr. Claudia Calirman, New York Museum of Fine Art.

Nick Morris and Dave Bowers draw on their graphic design and artistic skills to develop their pop art. Using a blend of digital photography, including screen grabs and images from books and comics, images are manipulated then screen printed liberally on to painted canvas's to create these popular culture images.

The two artists have worked together in the Street / Surf / Art sub culture since 1990, launching the clothing Label Umgawa together.

After selling the label, Morris went to work as art director for Quiksilver, before starting his own freelance design company, "Anyhow".

Bowers became a regular Mambo artist as well as working as a musician in bands such as the Nubiles and the Stone Cold Boners.

They now work together again under the name "Anyhow", and have produced, and continue to produce art for Paul Frank, Rip Curl, Stussy, Mossimo, Lee, Globe, St Lenny and others.

Morris and Bowers have both exhibited successfully around Australia as fine artists.

August 2 - August 16