Bill Burrows

Working as an artist designer in Melbourne in the late 70's and 80's, Bill was among a cadre of designers at Mushroom Records. His posters were used extensively by Mushroom Records to advertise tours by overseas artists such as Ry Cooder. Bill also worked with entrepreneur John Pinder, founder of TF Much Ballroom, and comedy venue the Last Laugh, producing a series of stunning street posters that combined a feel of an old–style carnival with sharp street wit.

Bill has worked with Tony Wheeler Lonely Planet and Travel Photographer Richard I'Anson to Design and produce 'Rice Trails' 'A Journey Through the Ricelands of Asia and Australia,' 'Australia 42' and 'Nepal' — lush coffee table editions published by Lonely Planet.

As an Artist he has exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne over the last 25 years. His Art Practice includes Painting, Works on Paper, Limited Edition Prints

"My work deals with layers of reality. Fusing myth and dream with everyday life. Ideas of past, present and future are combined. It is metaphorical, symbolic and highly personal. I start with a pre-determined image or symbol then, the metamorphosis begins; changing and revealing unexpected meaning and directions. My painting works on paper are figurative based marks and surface details that reveal my own mental space. These are personal symbols; metaphors from childhood memories that help me understand the inner self, the ravages of materialism, politics/terrorism, pop culture, the human condition in an uncertain world."
Bill Burrows.

August 2 - August 16