Art from the Heart

An eclectic group of around 40 homeless and disadvantaged men and women from Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda, who share a love of art, have come together to create an unlikely artistic phenomenon. They are exhibiting their art for the first time at a local public gallery - HoGallery. All proceeds from the sale of art will go to the Mission.

This art exhibition marks the 21st anniversary of the art program at Sacred Heart Mission in Grey St. West St. Kilda as a support and help for the homeless, for people suffering hardship, and for those coping with a variety of disabilities.

The art program was created by Sister Rose, an inspiring and compassionate nun who felt there was a need for disadvantaged people to gain their self respect and to help channel their creativity, much of which stemmed from trauma and displacement.

Sacred Heart Mission, which celebrates its 25th year this year, since it began, supplies a good meal daily for up to four hundred people. There are many services including a clinic, home care, counselling, a women’s house and a recreation program which includes art programs.

"Twenty-one years ago, 'Art Monday' began as a welcome space where people come to freely use paint, paper, etc to get in touch with their own creativity. People can use colour and/or any medium they wish to express their own inner voice", says Sister Rose.

In the early period this art program was joined by 'Art in the Park', and 'Shopping Trolley Art' for the Supported Residential Services houses in the St. Kilda area.

Over the years several art coordinators have joined the Mission and now offer art programs at the Mission hostels, the rooming house and the women's house.

Thursday 28 February 2008, 6 - 9pm